Here We Go Again!

This post shares info about two types of temporary housing for caterpillars and butterflies

Yesterday, I cleaned out my caterpillar habitats.

The photo on the left below, shows two of them. I started out using mesh laundry hampers for this endeavor, they worked very well.

When the first butterfly emerged Easter morning, I realized she didn’t have much room to fly, to strengthen her wings. This prompted me to modify a greenhouse, so I would be assured future butterflies have more space to fly, until I release them.


alias, laundry hampers!
Caterpillar/Butterfly Houses



It took a little bit of work to prepare this greenhouse. I covered each shelf with netting, and taped off the zippered door.

Since the greenhouse is plastic, I used netting to replace the door, so there would be ample ventilation for the butterflies.


After preparing the habitats, I checked the milkweed plants for larvae, and found eleven caterpillars. Below, are four of them, you can see they are in various stages of growth.

img_07022.jpg  img_0711.jpg



A Lull…

This post is about taking a break, and “taking inventory”

Having not seen any new eggs on my milkweed plants, I decided it’d be an excellent time to take a break, review what has transpired, and re-assess! ( This is also the time to clean out the cages, and take inventory of available milkweed plants for future caterpillars)

Isn’t it nice to flow with the natural rhythms of life! Awareness is a critical factor. Be aware of your environment, your circumstances, and how you feel with and in them. After all, YOU are the one creating your reality, your life.

When you experience a lull in your life, is an excellent time to tidy things up, and take inventory!

Why not create a life you love!

Raising caterpillars is an awesome endeavor, and the transformation process is a very cool correlation to the life changes we experience.

If raising caterpillars yourself is not for you, find something to learn more about, something to make the moments of your life even more meaningful.